Internship Experience at Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Delhi!

This is an Internship Experience submitted by an intern who has worked at Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Delhi.

Full Name of the Campus Leader Who Encouraged You to Write This Internship Experience

Shivi Sharma

Full Name, Name of the College, and Year of Study of the Person Writing the Internship Experience


Name of the Organization of the Internship and its Full Address

Department of Environmental Sciences, North Campus, University of Delhi

Duration of the Internship

June 1, 2017 to July 15, 2017

How Did You Apply?

Applied via email for the Summer Internship program at the Centre for Science Communication, University of Delhi. Later I got selected after an offline interview round at CSEC office.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

First day formalities included forms and documents submission and verification, interaction with the professor and research scholars. The infrastructure is Colonial theme based. Labs were well equipped and fully ventilated. It had beautiful gardens in their campus and an active research atmosphere was evident.

Main Tasks

Main tasks included regularly reading research papers, understanding and contributing to lab works, interaction with the scientific community. I was supposed to collect various plant samples from different parts of nearby fields. Then, the samples’ analysis was performed and data was finalised.

Work Environment

Working environment was healthy and progressive. Labs were very well maintained, clean and safe. The seniors always guided us and made sure to answer every little question of ours.

Good Things

Good things included the ambience of the lab which encouraged me to work on my critical skills and enhanced my focus. I learnt to manage my time and my reading speed also increased after my internship experience.

Bad Things

Sometimes we had to work overtime in the lab in order to get the experimental results. It was tough to collect samples in the fields during noon time.


No stipend was applicable for this internship.

How Did You Manage the Accommodation With Commuting to the Office?

I used to commute via Delhi Metro from my residence to North Campus Delhi. I used to deboard at Vishvavidyalaya Metro Station and the labs were within walking distance from there.

Other Details

It was a very helpful experience for me. It made me realize that I can make a good career in the research field. My seniors guided me to pursue my PhD in environmental sciences and thus I opted for the same major for my Master’s later. Nature gives you solace. It is always around you. It never leaves you alone. It’s our duty to protect it and utilize it in an optimum manner. This internship experience sensitized me about the judicial use and dynamics of our environment.

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