Internship Experience at Save the Children India, Mumbai!

This is an Internship Experience submitted by an intern who has worked at Save the Children India, at their Mumbai office.

Full Name, Name of the College, and Year of Study of the Person Writing the Internship Experience

  • Name: Shivi Sharma
  • Name of the College: Amity University, Gurugram
  • Year of Study: MSc. in Biochemistry, 2nd Year

Name of the Organization of the Internship and its Full Address

Save The Children India, G Block, Next to American School of Bombay, Behind Citi Bank, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098

Duration of the Internship

January 25, 2021 to March 15, 2021

How Did You Apply?

I applied there during the ‘Skills To Serve Program’ by MASH Project Foundation.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

The first day formalities included interaction with the team head. During the COVID-19 era, the internship went into a virtual mode. I used to connect with them on zoom. Being from Delhi I was curious to work with the Mumbai-based office. I was explained the sensitivity of the project and my roles and responsibilities. I am grateful for my empathy for making a remarkable first impression on my team. They had a very active and systematic networking group making sure that their services for such a big cause don’t get affected by the pandemic.

The virtual setup and team interaction made me feel grateful to be a part of such a witty and daring team.

Main Tasks

  • Documentation of human-trafficking survivors’ profiles for legal formalities and official records.
  • Documentation and editing of case stories for the donor groups and records.
  • Regular counseling and interactive virtual sessions of the survivors.
  •  English language and soft skills training for project beneficiaries for interview preparations.

Work Environment

The working environment was highly engaging regardless of the geographic boundaries. We had no time to feel tired. Every day was filled with new hopes and sensitive energies. The enthusiasm to help every soul was contagious.

Good Things

Every moment was memorable. The good things included the smiles on my zoom screen after every interactive session, the joy of their voices, the willpower of the survivors, the applaudable results of the soft skills training for the beneficiaries, the documentation prepared by me, the offer I got to join them as a permanent employee, and the title: Delhi Wali Didi.

Bad Things

The unfortunate realization of the ill events of society was disturbing. The stories were inspiring but heartbreaking at the same time. The limitation of not being able to interact in the physical mode was sometimes challenging especially when every day you wanted to share hugs with the survivors.


The internship included no stipend.

Other Details

Whenever I visit the memory lane of this internship, I feel grateful and inspired. I never knew I would be able to make so many contributions to the society in no time. It’s not easy to stand strong, to be an ear to spine-chilling experiences. I was able to develop new strengths and more professionalism within me. During the soft skills training, it was not easy to develop the personalities of the project beneficiaries from scratch. It’s a bit easy to make a topper score of 100/100 but it takes real nerves to make someone reach level 10 from level 1.

I also learned that everyone has different struggles in life, perception matters the most, and it’s okay to not feel okay sometimes. Patience is the biggest virtue.

I was able to enhance my leadership skills, communication skills, and most important: time management. Well, to chill out, I used to learn Marathi sometimes and listen to different experiences of my seniors. I got to learn about various shades of Maharashtra. 

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